Brands need Actionable Ideas

If you believe that you are what you do, you need ideas that not only guide what you say, but also what you do. Ideas that direct the behavior of your brand and because of that are also able to move people. Campaigns that put brands into do-mode. That’s what we, at Being There are all about. For twenty years now.

Do-mode is essential for brands… especially in this advertising day and age. After all, there’s a post purpose brand apocalypse going on. Brands operate in a hyper brand transparency decade. While facing a distrustful consumer generation. Are you stressed out yet? Mildly depressed? No need. As long as you take out the key message that ‘saying so’ just isn’t enough. And actions speak louder than words.

At Being There we know how to put your brand into this active position. We have shaped our experience into a way of working that leads to a specific kind of ideas. We even have a specific word for them: ACTIONABLE IDEAS.

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Actionable Ideas

An Actionable Idea is a creative solution that put brands and companies to work: they immediately enforce movement. Actionable Ideas come in different shapes and forms and sizes: an event, a redefined company assignment or a big idea for a campaign.

Exciting problems

The secret ingredient to all Actionable Ideas is the exciting problem. An exciting problem is your problem, enriched with an insight that makes all of us think ‘wow, that’s so true’ and phrased in a way that makes a challenging brief. Exciting problems are about people, not (just) about brands and products.

Way of work: Ready, Set, Go

That's our way of work. Getting Ready with a tight brief and a hell of a dijk of an exciting problem. Crafting a (creative) strategy and Actionable Idea. And off we Go executing the hell out of it and building an impactful campaign. It's sheer magic.

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Who we work for

We've worked for all kinds of brands and organisation: from non-profit to excuse-us-for-our-imense-profit. From big multi-brand organisations to start-ups. There is an Actionable Idea for everyone. So don't let our impressive logo overview scare you.