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Welcome to the era of employees.
An era in which the bar is raised when it comes to internal communication.

Companies need to inspire, motivate and activate their employees, more than ever before.
And to be honest, that's no sinecure.
Internal comms is a different ball game.

It’s a game of difficult subjects, tough crowds and limited resources.
So, stop throwing powerpoints, memo’s, reports, all staff mails or company programs at them.
And expect, or even demand, they do something with it.
Your culture deck, brand compass, purpose, values and believes or even your new intranet –
are tough cookies to swallow. Or to serve, even.
Your audience is busy. Doing their job. And, no. Not for the company. For themselves.
In other words, they are not minions. They are people.
And if you want to reach people use a proven technique to do so: creativity.
Or as we like to put it: cut through creativity.
Insight driven creativity that slices straight through the internal clutter.
That’s how you can earn the attention you seek.

Even for that elaborate, thoroughly developed, company values and believes program report memo.
BEING HERE - cut through creativity for internal comms.

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